"All grain is ordained for the use of man,...to be the staff of life....
All grain is good for the food of man;...--
Nevertheless, wheat for man...."

Doctrine and Covenants 89: 14, 16-17 (Known as the Word of Wisdom)

Our Blog Names

While playing around, we happened upon names that mean wheat. We kind of liked them so we adopted them as our blog names. We'll be signing our blogs with our "wheat" names.

Gwenith - Welch (female) is Honeybee
- Turkish (female) is Grandma
Zea - Latin (female) is Walkers


Basak: My quest is to understand and know why the Lord said, "Nevertheless, wheat for man". I want to know how to prepare and use it in the Lord's ways and thus, it will taste good and our families will want to eat it. I want to know why the word "nevertheless" was used, how much we need and why. My quest is to know it all.

Gwenith: Several months ago, the thought came to me. How will we eat in the Millennium? That sounds funny, I know, but what I mean when I say that is, 'What is a higher law of health and nutrition and how can I eat that way using my food storage?' This is what I am working on.

Zea: My quest... to learn and live the word of wisdom so that me and my family will be blessed to live a healthy life. In this process I've ended up having several "sub" quests, such as learning more about grains, herbs, what things in our diet and life are created by "evil and conspiring men", and needless to say one subject leads to another. Right now I'm trying to put the knowledge I've gathered so far (while still gathering more) into practice for me and my family... not an easy task when you have a picky eater!

And as we pursue our quests, we desire to help others.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm astounded

Went to buy a bookcase. It was boxed so I loaded it in the cart and then the car. When I got home I saw "team lift" on the box and wondered why that would be there. I then saw the weight was 70 pounds. I was soooooo surprised. Something good is happening!!!!

I've still be eating lots of wheat, and much of that is in the sprouted form. I been amazed at what is happening to my body as I look in the mirror. The weight is staying about the same - I think it's because I eat a little of the "other" stuff that is cooked for dinner. I feel the colon is getting cleaner. It's fun to behold.

Started to run. The last time I ran, I could hardly do it. Again, I was very pleasantly surprised as I was able to run quite a ways before having to walk and then again re-cooperated quickly and began running again.

This is sooooo fun.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So what about almond milk?

I've made almond milk and have been using it and quite enjoy it but I now question --- what about the "whole" of the almond?

I do not have the answer but I so feel, I as "man", have broken it down and I'm losing the results of the "whole".

I know after my 10 days of eating wheat, I'm eating so much better than I've ever eaten in my life; but, my body is gradually going back to where it was. I find this so interesting. It should not be going back but continuing in a forward state. I've complicated the eating some - meaning eating more things together and this very well could be the reason.

Is it our eating such a variety of so many things in a meal and then dessert and all else that we've really done a number on the ways of God and how He created it to be? I just feel so much better when it is so simple.

Will the world catch on to this? As I've been to several "whole food" sites, I'm quite amazed at their simpleness but yet, there is making it complicated, too. But, even though a bit complicated, the results of eating that way seem to be the usual astounding of feeling so much better.

I need another mental adjustment!!! I need to let go of the world's (and my) thinking of eating meals and get a new thinking!!!!

Simple and whole ---- and wheat will be a part of that!


When taking the herb class, they taught about the constituents of plants. Take for instance, Comfrey. It is a powerful herb and helps in many wonderful ways. One of the constituents was isolated, sold by itself and then synthetically made. And whoops! It killed a couple of people.

So -- the FDA says Comfrey is not safe to take internally. Now notice, they did not say the constituent was the problem. They banned the plant from being used in anything taken internally. And did you know, most of our medicines are made "from" plant constituents? There is another plant that has a carcinogenic constituent. The FDA is considering banning the use of this plant. But, when you take it as a "whole", the other constituents are antidotal to that carcinogenic constituent. That is there to protect the plant.

God is so all knowing. This is just so awesome to learn.

And now -- after having a couple weeks to absorb this, and feeling badly for the trusting souls that we are in those that provide the medicines prescribed, and also knowing of the powers behind the drug industry and that it's all about the money..... what can one say? I just know I want to learn to eat right and learn about all of God's creations and how they are provided by Him for our help and well-being.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 25 - The 10-day eating wheat is done

I have so many thoughts running through my head - the theories of the whys and becauses and all I have learned. I am so excited where this has brought me and I'm so excited for what I believe is yet to come.

First off --- the report of the weight lifting. But I do need to tell you that I'm a wimp in the shoulder/chest area - always have been. I rode horses lots and was so envious of those who could get themselves on bareback without having something to stand on. Knowing this, I decided to do the thing that is the most challenging for me to test my strength.

In the beginning, I did 11 chest presses with the bar that weighs 45 pounds, 13 bicep curls with 10 pound weights and 35 crunches. This morning, I did 11 chest presses. It was the same - no strength gained, no strength lost. Am I disappointed? I think just a teeny bit in that one thing --- but --- I did do 15 bicep curls and 50 crunches. That last one was a huge surprise. But all in all I was pleased! Was the test a success? To me, it is a resounding YES!!!!

I looked in the body-length mirror this morning and smiled because there is shaping to my liking going on with my body. I got on the scales and there was another 1 1/2 pounds gone.

I know my body is healing. (See the post on 3/23/2009) I can feel it. Would it have been the same without eating the wheat? I do not know for sure but when I considered that I've done green smoothies for about a year now and have done it faithfully, I've not accomplished this kind of success.

When I awoke this morning, I felt wonderful. When I progressed in my day, I felt a little sluggish off and on. I think this is typical of these 10 days. Could it be that what seems to be an adverse reaction is the body utilizing what it's been given which causes detoxing? I believe it very well could be. I believe when I don't feel like eating, the body is saying, "don't send anymore until we get this roadblock cleared and the gunk on the move." When I feel a bit sluggish and yet still feel hungry, my body is saying, "give me a little more power to help move this along". Wheat is such a good fiber -- is this one of the reasons for the "Nevertheless, wheat for man"? I know I don't get the same result with oatmeal and when I eat the grain mixes, I don't think I get the same result either. I think I need to check this out! Ah, another test. lol

Will I keep eating wheat? That is also a big YES! Will I keep eating it as often as I've been doing? Yes, but will be incorporating it with other things that my family will also be more involved. It probably won't be as often as the whole meals have been; but yet, I've kind of grown to like it that way. But -- I do know I learned one really important thing and that is when I am going through that "what can I eat?" feeling, I'm going to eat wheat because I've never been so satisfied so quickly and it didn't take that much of it.

Oh, one more interesting thing that seems to be happening -- my appetite is increasing. When I eat, I'm eating more. Figure that one out! Maybe my body is being able to utilize more of the nutrients and so wants more!!! I hope so. I'm sure it's been "starving" for nutrients for years because it just couldn't utilize them. I do know the increase is not from activity. I've spent way too much time sitting on my you know what at the computer! lol

What a fun road to be on -- so many questions, so many theories, some answers and lots of learning. So much to look forward to and exercise, you are on that list!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 24 - Continued learning - no surprise there!

I am so looking forward to walking and exercising. I've not done that because I want an apples to apples comparison if lifting a couple weights. The weather makes it VERY inviting!

I had green smoothie for breakfast. It was so light and tasty. Wheat sprouts, apple pieces and cinnamon for lunch. It was also tasty.

I made more almond milk and I just can't throw away the pulp. I dried it from the previous making. I decided to make one loaf of bread and put it in it - 2 cups wheat flour and 1 white. It turned out okay!! I had a crust, then a slice and then the other crust. It tasted very yummy and I did get full. Didn't eat dinner - just drinking lots of water.

Found a new site today. It's about eating raw and I especially liked a post entitled, Welcome To Raw Food Right Now 2.0 I think it's going to save me a lot of time getting to where I want to be. They seem to have already been on this road and where I seem to be heading and seem to be where I feel the balance will be. Gives me hope! However, couldn't find much "wheat for man" in it. Will be studying this site a bit more - lots to learn.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 23 - Simple

Had wheat berries stored in fridge and almond milk for breakfast, a sandwich with tomato and alfalfa sprouts (lots of them)for lunch and wheat sprouts for dinner with red sauce on them. It's been a good day for eating wheat -- simple, quick, sustaining and was tasty to me.

Have to admit, I'm counting down for day 10. I'm so consumed with making sure I get wheat eaten. It's going to be fun to let this Daniel part go and zero in on more of a variety of whole foods but still with lots of grains. I'm a bit nervous. What if it doesn't make any difference? Then I'll be thinking I need to do it again to determine why. I need to go to my faith place -- now!

Day 22 - A little bit of hunger going on

I woke up feeling hungry and ate cream of wheat cereal. Always yummy to me. Of course I used some almond milk! Had a green smoothie for snack. Granola for lunch. Had a later than usual dinner of leftover red sauce and spaghetti squash and I was hungry. I finished it off and that was more than I thought I would eat. Guess I keep mentioning the hungry because yesterday I just wasn't and am kind of glad to see today that I am.

This is all sounding so same-eeee, I'm sure. But, it does taste so good to me. I'm missing bread - gotta do something in that area one of these days. I've not done many nuts and seeds and really need to get them in here. I'm hoping they don't have an effect on the strength test at the end, but they are the protein so it just may be. Time just passes too quickly and I surely don't get all done that I would like to!

More gluten intolerance

Another friend called me yesterday. She's really identifying wheat is not good for her. She hasn't been diagnosed but the reaction to eating wheat definitely says there is a problem.

I then read on a health site this morning, "Millions of people have celiac disease,.... Infertility seems to be more common in women with untreated celiac disease."

In a class years ago, a lady was teaching people about the nutrients of wheat and when infertile couples started eating the "whole" grain, they got pregnant. She emphasized the "whole" of the grain. She related many other cases of better health because of eating the whole grain. In today's modern world, most things that are made are made with the constituents of the whole -- not the "whole". Is this the problem? I so desire to know why.

I've just recently learned that herbs as a whole are so complete and powerful. When broken down, and only specific constituents are used, they become dangerous. Is it the same with wheat. I did not have this thought until writing but it very well could be the answer to my knowing why.

And what if the damage has been done to the body? Can it be repaired? Yes, it can! It has been done. If a person were to eat whole foods and cleanse the colon so it could heal and function properly, many of those problems would not be there. The body is a magnificent thing -- it repairs and rebuilds if we just give it the chance.

And it is sooooo funny, NO ONE, yet, will admit their colon could not be functioning properly. I do know mine isn't and now I'm wondering how long it will take for this to be accomplished. I know with time, patience and learning I will yet be successful.

Onward and upward!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Almond milk

When thinking about making almond milk, I always imagined way more almonds than it takes. I was quite surprised with the yield from not too many almonds. I'm now drying the almond meal. It will be fun to use!!!!

Measure and soak almonds

You will be using about 3 cups of water for every 1 cup of raw almonds out of the shell. Soak overnight in enough water to cover with a little water more, to provide room for swelling. Another easier way to measure if you want to make 2 quarts or 2 liters at a time, is that 1 lb (or roughly a half kilo) of raw almonds out of the shell, makes a half gallon or 2 quarts or roughly 2 liters of creamy, rich almond milk when sufficient water is added after squeezing, to equal that volume. You can of course halve the water to make an almond cream suitable as coffee creamer, nog base, cream pies, or other uses where milk may be too thin.

Puree in blender or food processor

A quick whir in a powerful blender results in a thick, frothy almond puree, ready to be squeezed in a mesh bag or jelly bag, cheesecloth, or something similar. Simply place your cheesecloth or mesh strainer bag over the bowl, pour and scoop your puree into it, draw it closed, and start squeezing until the almond meal is as dry as you can get it. Don't add any more water at this point.

The harder you squeeze, the more creamy and nutritious your milk will be, but not to worry, any you don't get into the milk will still be eaten in the form of the almond meal, so there is nothing wasted. I use a fine plastic mesh drawstring bag that doubles as a shopping bag for small loose items like garlic or peppers.

Fine-strain for perfectly creamy results

I then pour the undiluted almond milk (that I just strained through the bag into a bowl) through a reusable gold metal mesh coffee cone filter. When it slows, gentle stirring makes filtering go faster. At the end, I press the bit of almond paste in the bottom to extract the last and creamiest bit. This finer, white almond meal is good to keep and dry separately and use as almond flour.

Add water to equal your total volume

I make this easier by straining it the second time directly into my glass half-gallon refrigerator pitcher, and then adding more water to fill the pitcher, but if you are making an amount different from a half gallon, proceed accordingly to get an end result of 3 cups of water for every cup of almond. You may thin it to taste by adding water, but better too rich than too thin, because too rich can be solved by adding water, but too thin is too bad.

Let "bloom" 24 hours in the fridge, add a bit of salt etc

Let it sit covered in the refrigerator pitcher for 24 hours. You will notice a creamy layer floats on top, but with a few gentle shaking sessions and a day or so in the refrigerator, it will blend nicely and taste superbly creamy. Once that has happened, add sweetener if you choose, and salt a pinch at a time, shaking in between and tasting, until the flavor goes from a little "flat" with no salt, to "better than any milk I ever tasted" (perfect). If not sure, hold back on another pinch of salt because one pinch too many ruins it. If you accidentally do add that one extra pinch past perfect taste, add more sweetener and it will no longer taste salty. Some add vanilla, others add almond extract or other flavors. You can even add dutched cocoa for a creamy sensation.

See how this clings to the glass like the freshest dairy milk? Commercial preparations use thickeners such as guar gum to achieve something similar but their results are inferior. It's hard not to drink it all up the first day, but it's even better the second. Keeps about a week in the refrigerator, but don't leave it out on the counter unless you want to experiment with raw almond yogurt or kefir.

Now you can enjoy lowcarb (depending on type and amount of sweetener if any) delicious vegan milk useful in vegan nogs, cream soups, mac-n-cheese, cream pies, alfredo, and so forth, whilst saving money over wasteful inferior pasteurized storebought concoctions, and keep your almond meal for the same price!

As for the almond meal, that may be another Instructable, but briefly, you spread it out on a half-sheet in a 300 degree F oven stirring a few times here and there until toasty and dry. Store in a jar, use as breadcrumbs, crumb crusts, breading, stuffing, cookies, cakes, and bars, or make into low glycemic granola.

Day 21 - Time is passing quickly

Today is the sixth day of eating wheat. It is going by very quickly.

I fasted this morning -- trying to give my body a good opportunity to get rid of yesterday's food and some other special reasons. It was a wonderful morning.

I fed the boys the granola stuff I made as cereal along with a little raisin bran. One really liked it and the other one ate it but needed a bit of regular cereal after. lol

I finished up some carrot juice for lunch - didn't really feel like eating. If it takes my body this long to get to a norm after eating crappily, I can only imagine how the body really feels when we just over-inundate it over and over and over. I've done that all my life. Sad.

I had a small bowl of the granola stuff with some almond milk. I made some today and it was so easy. I don't know why in my mind I make everything so hard -- guess it's the unknown. I finally had some green smoothie in the evening. I'm just not feeling like eating. This is weird but I feel really good about it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 20 - Two steps back

And what did today bring? Lots of not doing the things I was supposed to!!!! And the result, we both were ornery and sluggish. Interesting. Can I blame all my orneriness onto food? This may have more truth to it than we really realize.

Did have green smoothie for breakfast. That was good. Lunch became eating more and more and not of the good stuff. One good thing though, is at the end of the day, I needed to at least have some wheat and this thought of granola just kept coming to mind. I dumped the rest of the wheat sprouts into the blender and added the rest of the coconut milk. I whizzed it a bit and then put it into a bowl and added oatmeal, honey, raisins, a bit of cinnamon, coconut, and almond pieces. I then remembered some stuff I had in the cupboard -- a dry mix of buckwheat, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and some other stuff (pretty good stuff actually) but there was just a little left. I added it and by that time, it was stiff enough to put in a dish. Put it in the fridge for an hour and then ate some. Pretty good for just putting into it whatever came to mind.
It felt good to be eating something that felt like it was a staple.


I'm Basak (Grandma). I'm married to a wonderful husband who spoils me and puts up with all my kitchen lab work and in my working to serve others. We have four wonderful children and they have blessed us with sixteen grandchildren. I always seem to be learning something new and I love it.

I met Gwenith a few years ago and she's become a very dear friend. We found we were kindred sisters in the preparedness world. We now live miles apart and yet, the kindred has never dwindled. When we talk, we find we always seem to be going down the same road in the thought process - a miracle in itself.

I'm Gwenith (Honeybee). I have a wonderful husband and two boys who are my jewels. I have known since serving a proselyting/welfare mission years ago that the Lord wanted me to be involved in the 'Provident Living' side of things.

The last several years have been an amazing learning adventure and I thank the Lord for allowing me to be an instrument in His hands in any way. Thank goodness I have a friend to share this adventure with -- Basak. Though Basak seems my peer, not my elder, I lean heavily on her wisdom, experience and most of all her strong spirituality. She is an example to me. My efforts to becoming closer to the Lord have benefited from watching her. Thank you, friend!